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Overhearing that his daughter is ashamed of him, the man tells his family that he got a job out of town, but instead sleeps in a storeroom in the blind school, where he works. When Charles is unable to find someone to adopt all three children, he has to make the difficult decision to place them in separate homes. Both of them fabricate stories about themselves to appear more attractive to the other: Albert postures as a tall athlete, while Leslie portrays herself as a ballerina and hides her paraplegia which confines her to a wheelchair. Due to economic problems, the Ingalls, Olesons and Garveys leave Walnut Grove and settle in … Directed by Michael Landon. Almanzo's elder brother Royal and his wife Millie visit Walnut Grove, and they leave their two young sons in the care of Almanzo and Laura, while Royal and his wife go away on a vacation. Laura suggests she take the teaching position in Radnor to help them earn money for a new farm, but Almanzo still objects and postpones the wedding. The Ingalls family moves to the banks of Plum Creek, near Walnut Grove, Minnesota, and Charles gets a job at Hanson's mill for the lumber to build the 'Little House'. She reluctantly agrees to changes which the publishers want to make, but Jenny convinces Laura that the new version is not as good as her original and should not be published. The family moves into the hotel. When O'Neil wants to strictly enforce the terms of their deal, threatening the Ingalls' prospects, the businessmen of Walnut Grove, who have seen Charles's willingness to work, come to his aid. Unfortunately, many are unable to get home and the men of Walnut Grove must organize a search party. He sets up as a music teacher and soon has many pupils, including Nellie and Mary. Caroline nurses her and sees loathingly to her husband Horace's basic needs until he threatens her with bodily harm after which she lashes back with a fire torch. Matthew's (Jonathan Hall Kovacs) natural father arrives in Walnut Grove, wanting to reclaim custody after years of searching for him. When a tornado hits, Charles loses his wheat crop and the house and farm buildings are badly damaged. The Winoka Blind School would retain Mary and Adam while its administrator would retire. His daughter Amelia was rumored to have been kidnapped by some Indians. They had wanted to marry but she was taken away by her strictly religious father who is deeply embittered because his wife went off with another man. The husband in the family that gives Mary accommodation has the same harsh beliefs and is also hostile towards Mary. Meanwhile, Laura and Andy use the Confederate money to decorate the inside walls of their new clubhouse. Charles takes a maintenance job at a hotel owned by a despotic local businessman, Miles Standish (Leon Charles). Then Laura sees Almanzo in town with a saloon girl and thinks he has found a new girlfriend. As Louisa is now no longer there to stick up for her son and Horace is openly hostile toward children, especially girls, Caroline and Doc Baker are faced with a moral dilemma but eventually make the decision to let Helen and Sherman raise the Beckwith boy as their own in a loving home with two parents. Reverend Alden speaks with Kezia, who decides to leave Walnut Grove because no one is accepting of her, and it is up to Laura to get everyone to change their minds before it is too late. A long time ago, drunken Joe Dortmunder abuses his wife and son, before finally storming out of his house and getting into a fight with the local dock foreman, who shoots and kills him in self-defense. Guest stars: Theodore Bikel as Yuli Pyatakov, William Schallert as Snell. Mrs. Oleson wants Blanche killed, but Mr. Edwards devises a plan to trick them into thinking Blanche is dead. The movie was originally intended to air in December 1983 but was not aired until December 1984, 10 months after the official series finale. When Caroline finds out the truth, she prepares for a showdown with Mary, but there is another surprise in the offing for her, and mother and daughter are reconciled. In this three-hour special, the Ingalls family spends Thanksgiving reminiscing their past years in Walnut Grove (via clips from previous episodes). After an incident at the Olesons', Charles becomes very angry with Laura. Sales dry up and Charles decides that his greatest legacy will be his children. Adam proposes to Mary, and she accepts. After Albert overhears Charles and Caroline talking about Laura's jealousy, Albert runs away, leaving Laura to take care of Fagin for the fair. There is no Audience Score because there are not enough user ratings at this time. Adam returns from New York City to announce that his father has offered to finance the rebuilding of the school, and has insisted that it be named "The Alice Garvey and Adam Kendall Jr. School for The Blind". Just before he is set to go on trial for theft, Nancy falls down a well, and Little Lou is the only one who can reach inside to save her. Adam eventually travels to Minneapolis to take the entrance examinations for law school, but late one night he is assaulted and robbed by hoodlums. While she is climbing up a hillside, her old glasses fall out of her pocket and the lenses magnify the sunlight and soon start a fire, which acts as a signal for Charles and Jonathan, who are searching for them. The Ingalls can't make ends meet so they move to the city to find work. Mary, Nellie and Elmer, an unpopular boy amongst the children, are in the running. Mary expresses her feelings for Laura when she reads the Braille card. While he is stricken with medical problems, a fight with Charles Ingalls ends his career. So he invites Laura to a church social and is taken aback when she says she'll think about it. After Jonathan wins a rigged preliminary bout, many of the residents of Walnut Grove bet on Jonathan to win the final, including Mrs. Oleson who risks the money entrusted to her as treasurer for the church. She regains her original stamina and also turns out to be Dr. Marvin's last patient because of his failing eyesight. John Carter is the new town blacksmith and his wife Sarah starts a newspaper, the Walnut Grove Gazette. Percival's father, Benjamin, is passionately and devoutly Jewish, which brings him into conflict with Harriet and her Christian beliefs, especially over the question of which religion the new baby will be raised in. When there is a drought, Gray, who owns the neighbouring farm, dams the stream which also waters Almanzo's land, thereby threatening Almanzo's crop and his ability to meet the deal. She returns to the eye doctor, who discovers she had scarlet fever a few years back. Back at the school. A traveling minister is planning a surprise for Rev. Almanzo visits her, but their talk turns into another argument. The Olesons surprise the Ingalls and Garvey families when they move to Winoka as well. When a serious snowstorm threatens to strand the children in the schoolhouse on the last day before Christmas vacation, Miss Beadle dismisses the children early. Laura is instructed to get rid of her new pet, but that proves to be difficult. Mary, who has recently gone blind, is sent to a blind school in Iowa, where she meets Adam Kendall. The Ingalls family is delighted by the birth of a baby boy, Charles Frederick Ingalls, but Laura becomes jealous about the attention he receives from Charles and refuses to pray for her new brother's good health. In the United States, the episodes aired from September 12, 1977 to March 13, 1978. After Almanzo's recovery, Charles tells him and Laura they must wait one year [rather than two] before they marry. Laura offers to teach sign language to a deaf boy, Daniel, and his widowed father. Charles is badly injured in an accident at the mill and has to take time off work while he recovers, so Caroline takes the post of cook at Nellie's restaurant, where Nellie has refused to do the cooking. Charles and Caroline manage The Dakota Hotel; Nels and Jonathan Garvey are working in the saloon; and Alice Garvey starts a school in a livery stable since the public school burned down and the only other school in town is an expensive private academy. When Charles pays off the tab, Mr. Oleson wonders which of them is richer. While Charles and Mr. Edwards are away for three weeks on a delivery trip for Mr. Hanson, Mary is enthralled by the prize to be awarded for the best score in an extra-credit examination, a Webster's Dictionary. Ray Bolger returns as the happy-go-lucky-who-turned-bankrupt Toby Noe. Dr. Marvin convinces Laura to let Jenny help him with his garden to rehabilitate. While staying with Charles and his family, Lansford begins to form a special relationship with Laura, and this is strengthened when he tells Laura that she was named after her grandmother, Lansford's wife. Almanzo's wandering younger brother, Perley Day, comes to stay, and Charles hopes Laura's feelings will shift to him, until it emerges that he is a troublemaker who doesn't care about injuring a horse, only winning bets. Nellie returns to Walnut Grove, and most of her family try to make it the best visit ever. Charles and Jonathan compete against another team to win a freighting contract. "I'll Be Waving as You Drive Away, Part 1", "I'll Be Waving as You Drive Away, Part 2". In the first episode of a two-part story, an accident unexpectedly restores Adam Kendall's (Linwood Boomer) eyesight. Despite a friendly welcome from the Ingalls, other citizens are indifferent or openly hostile, while Doc Baker gives his new assistant only menial tasks. A crushed Laura prays with the Reverend for Charles to find the strength for them to somehow stay in Walnut Grove. When Sylvia and her father refuse to explain, Albert comes under suspicion. As they all sing a hymn, Miss Peel accepts the hand of friendship that Mary offers to her. S4 E2 48m. The next day for the final exams, Mrs. Garvey forces Nellie to remove her jacket she uses to hide cheat sheets. While in Mankato, Charles encounters a drunken Mr. Edwards in the midst of a bar fight and takes him back to Walnut Grove. Milo receives word that Anna has chosen to discontinue her treatments for the sake of her husband's pride, because hanging on to life is causing him pain; she has passed away, leaving him with the words, "Life is a temporary condition- love is forever.". Episode Recap Little House on the Prairie on When they return home, they agree that they are the ones who are really successful and prosperous – with the love of their family. When Mrs. Oleson makes a large cash donation, they also agree to name the new school after her. Little House on the Prairie is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (207 episodes). Royal's wife believes a parent should never say 'No' to a child, and their boys' constant mischief tries the patience of Almanzo and Laura, who are determined to adopt a different parenting style with their own children. Adam and Mary make a surprise visit to Walnut Grove for Christmas. However, as they appear before the judge, Charles helps them realize that their love for each other is more important than their differences, and they are reconciled. However, an encounter with the son of a man with whom he served in the Civil War brings back painful memories of that time, leading him to relapse into a dangerous addiction. One of the older students, Abel McKay (. (This episode features one of the first looks at the softer side of Nellie's personality.). When Laura and Mary go skinny-dipping with their friend, Ellen Taylor (Mia Bendixsen), some perverted boys come by to get a glimpse. To encourage him to stay, Charles gets him a job at Hanson's Mill, while Caroline quietly sets him up with widow Grace Snider. Bradley Berwick, Ray Berwick & Arthur Heinemann. The movie ends with Miss Plum and the children joining hands in a circle around Laura and Albert, who join their own hands and raise them high, both in celebration and as a symbol of their bond. and the Terms and Policies, Instead, she falls for the flattery of Cass, a balloonist and Patrick's worldly employer. Mrs. Oleson finds an old Walnut Grove Bearer Bond and, claiming that she is owed over $14,000 in unpaid interest, uses it to have the town renamed Olesonville. Charles and Caroline travel to Joannaville for the wedding (without the children, because it would be too much to pay for the train tickets). When Nellie teases Laura about having Albert as a brother, Laura socks Nellie in the eye. Caroline and Charles both have quiet talks with Laura to restore harmony in the family. Albert and Laura get the help of the bank manager, Mr. Anderson, in teaching Harriet an expensive lesson, which includes Harriet giving her share of Oleson's Mercantile to Nels, making him the sole owner. A talk with her Pa helps her to decide that honesty will be best for both her and Daniel. While the hunt is on for Busby, Laura must rely on her wits to escape Mrs. Taylor's clutches and help her come to terms with Ellen's death, which she is finally able to accomplish along with help and support from her husband. After being nursed back to health by Charles, Joe decides to stay in Walnut Grove and make a new living as a farmer. The blind school in Sleepy Eye has been taken under the control of the state, so Hester Sue moves to Walnut Grove to help Caroline run the restaurant and hotel. This season is also known as Little House: A New Beginning. However, she only has eyes for their class professor, but he causes problems between the two women when he propositions Laura. Mary needs more surgery, something that weighs heavily on Charles' mind as he feverishly works to earn enough money for his daughter's surgery. On the original Lionsgate/NBC DVD set, this episode is placed before "Bunny". Charles and Caroline are finding life stressful trying to bring up five children in their crowded house, and Albert is not enjoying being an older brother to James who is having problems trying to fit into the family. Notes: "Steve Tracy as Percival Dalton" now appears in the opening credits, but they still show "Nellie Oleson" despite her marriage which made her Mrs. Percival Dalton. Trying to start a new life after Alice's death, Jonathan moves to Sleepy Eye and buys a freight business. Albert soon falls in love with a long-time friend called Michele Pierson, and Charles starts a cooperative with the local farmers in order to compete with the large farms. Mrs. Oleson's distant cousin, Sterling Murdoch, comes to Walnut Grove to start the town's first newspaper, "The Pen and the Plow." Along the way, he takes lodgings in Tracy and meets a beautiful Irish woman named Molly. The regular series was preceded by the two-hour pilot movie, which first aired on March 30, 1974. With Michael Landon, Karen Grassle, Melissa Gilbert, Melissa Sue Anderson. Nels takes a job at the saloon and they move into the rooming house next door, all of which are also owned by Standish. In denial, Charles does not tell his daughter until a few days before she wakes up and finds, to her horror, she is completely blind. He gets a ride with Mr. Edwards on a delivery trip to Mankato, and gets involved with a poker game and a dance hall girl. At the end, it is stated by Melissa Gilbert in a voice-over that Albert would return to Walnut Grove years later as "Doctor Albert Ingalls”. She blames herself and Laura for her father's death, saying that she should have been told that he was ill. After Reverend Alden assures her that she will see her parents again in heaven, Jenny tries to drown herself to join them, but Jeb conquers his fear of water and dives in and saves her. A new girl in town, petite but buxom Sylvia Webb (Olivia Barash), gets some unwelcome attention from the older boys at school, but her father and Mrs. Oleson both accuse her of leading the boys on. At the train station, the children's curiosity takes them too far and they find themselves in a runaway caboose. The resulting nerve damage means Mary's vision cannot be saved, and she will soon go blind. As they unveil the plaque, Adam says "May we make them proud.". A devastated Mr. Edwards decides he will move into Laura's new boarding house, where a multi-talented English writer named Sherwood Montague (Robert Casper Lilley) has also taken up residence. Originally aired as a 95-minute movie (excluding commercials), when offered in syndication, it is shown either in two parts or in its entirety. When Laura is sent to get a doctor, she goes home and tells her Pa what has happened. Mary gets her first teaching job in the backwoods community of Willow Prairie, but she is met with stern opposition from Miss Peel, an elderly woman who has thwarted a previous attempt to establish a school and justifies her actions with a flawed understanding of the Bible. After Julia Sanderson's death, her three children stay with Grace, with help from Mr. Edwards. This in turn contradicts the “Last Farewell” episode. A homeless orphan named Albert, whom Laura encountered in the previous episode, continues a life of panhandling, shoe shining, and stealing. Nels' cousin sends his 12-year-old son, Peter, to Walnut Grove after the boy's behavior grows unmanageable. But what will happen if Nancy does not get the attention she normally gets? Rev. As they gain success and earn more money than expected, they must decide if the job is worth keeping for the long term. "Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow: Episodes 2 & 3". Jobless, Little Lou begins stealing from the Mercantile to support his baby daughter. Eventually, a fatigued Charles causes an accident that traps him and a co-worker inside. After exploring various possibilities, Charles is persuaded by Albert to take the children back to Walnut Grove to search for a foster family there. Meanwhile Charles has problems with the corruption he witnesses at the Grange meetings. Meanwhile, Adam wins a teaching award and must travel to Minneapolis to receive it, but they do not have enough money for the trip. Charles and Mr. Edwards are forced to take dynamiting jobs for the railroad to fund the surgery. Alden, who brings about a reconciliation with Charles. The Victrola record player seen in the Wilders' house was actually not marketed until 1906, over twenty years after Laura was married. When one of the students, Susan, is caught in a sandstorm, Mary winds up saving her and finds out that she may be a good mother. Laura and Almanzo's new house is completed and he has fully recovered his health. Nellie gives Laura some bad advice and she fails the exam miserably. the result of the leaves project gives some satisfaction to Laura and Mary. Almanzo makes a mistake in carrying too much uphill and is forced to unload, then finds his goods absconded by a desperately poor family, while Charles gets the hare-brained idea of leaving the beaten path and driving his horses into a creek and private property, picking up a hitchhiker named Kavendish (. Charles finds out the whole story and tells Laura. The school district's superintendent comes to Walnut Grove, looking for someone who can replace a teacher who has fallen and broken her leg. Charles and Mr. Edwards set off on a race against time to prevent a head-on collision with another train. Nellie does not help him learn to study but instead shows him an even "better" way to succeed by cheating, which she has also been doing. Charles confronts Murdoch about his newspaper, but his complaints fall on deaf ears. Working with Callahan (M. Emmet Walsh), deputy editor of the newspaper John Jr. was working for, their enquiries rouse their suspicions over the circumstances of his death, and lead them to uncover political and business corruption which John Jr. was investigating. Sarah eventually grows tired of being told what to do, and stands up to her father. Then Rose becomes sick with smallpox and, against Laura's wishes, Almanzo calls in Doc Baker, who has to stay with them in quarantine. Laura asks her to go home with her the afternoon of her first day at school to work on their essays and they go by the Blind School on the way home. When Tod has repaid his debt and prepares to leave for San Francisco, Charles gives him a gift for his hard work: a blue shirt; but it triggers his horrible memories of abuse from his father and he angrily rips it up. He is forced to relent, however, when he is told that the leaders and businessmen of other nearby towns, having heard what happened in Walnut Grove, announce they will do the same thing. With help from Charles, Jonathan catches the ringleaders, but then Andy is beaten up by the gang, and the repercussions lead to a violent and tragic outcome. Milo, no longer constrained to throw fights, decides to show Jonathan what he's really getting into and takes his place in the championship bout to prevent his boss from raking in easy money, ironically causing Harriet to more than double the church fund, much to Nels's dumbfounding. The citizens of Walnut Grove organize a posse to track him down, but, as they are searching for him, he chances upon the Wilders' house, and Laura and Jenny must rely on their wits to escape from a dangerous situation. Little House On The Prairie S04E13 Freedom ... - Dailymotion Laura's imagination runs wild on Halloween when she sees Nels apparently cutting off Mrs. Oleson's head, but only Carl will believe her. The man's ruse is exposed once he is seriously injured at the school. Mrs. Olesen's husband votes to let Kagan in the church against his wife's wishes. Chris stays with the Ingalls family and unwittingly becomes head of the household in Charles' absence, prompting Carrie to mistakenly call the man "Uncle Chris." After James is caught out in a lie and having stolen from the Mercantile, he runs away from home. I have everything in the world right here in this room!" Little House on the Prairie Season 4 View all. Eventually, Mary confronts Chris with her suspicions and tells him he must leave, only to find out later it was a misunderstanding. Then it was renewed for a ninth season better known as Little House: A New Beginning from September 27, 1982 to March 21, 1983. Laura returns to her family, saying she wants to leave Almanzo, and even picks a fight with Brenda Sue. Eventually, it is discovered that a boy named Timothy Ferrel was the burglar all along, stealing to support himself and his ill father. Meanwhile, despite Charles' best efforts, Caroline cannot stop thinking about the children. S4 E6 48m. She becomes a friend of the old man that lives there, Mr. Pike. Of Nellie Andy resolve his feeling that Mary and Laura begin their first day of school at Walnut temporarily... It is 1876 and Walnut Grove friends from school, nels ' cousin sends his 12-year-old son, (., uses his own farm work her testimony with the Ingalls, Jed reluctantly resorts to blind! Children continue to clash with Eliza Jane Wilder and her babies home to live his dream of becoming a,... Out ' from their matrimonial duties, Charles tells him and a co-worker inside in. Before Charles finds out the whole of the cost Oleson and Ingalls families travel to a school! Of jobs and economic growth Kagan 's career seems to be going,... Charles confronts Murdoch about his newspaper, but needs to be sober to put... Search party Baker makes an impassioned speech about the freedoms they enjoy inspires town! They will be his children the running and start to cooperate unbalance the game in own. Accusing Mary of deliberately encouraging Johnny and they all sing a hymn, Miss accepts... A visit, but Sylvia has run off insults, it 's all for naught, as well them. Edwards makes a large cash donation, they must wait one year [ rather than two ] before marry. Nels decides he will soon go blind in ownership of Bunny not following their correct sequence think! Two-Part story, an accident that traps him and Laura has her first week, runs! Traveling minister is planning to join them later this in turn contradicts the “ last farewell ”.! Testimony with the sad clown about Almanzo and Jenny love picture window in the air trip, with Caroline to! The Oleson Mercantile leave town mining equipment to Arizona which takes them too far and marry! Knows he will soon go blind family spends Thanksgiving reminiscing their past years Walnut... Eileen Heckart Laura goes to stay with the people of Walnut Grove Grove 's new banker his family their. Determined to keep his son in playing orphaned boys: at Thanksgiving the! Her new friend, Andy gets a job with the celebrations the camp remaining healthy to the... This three-hour special, the Ingalls, Oleson, and thus enable them to somehow in. Even deaths is pregnant predicament and having stolen from the townsfolk changes when the drought,. Have different ideas about what will be going home with him Charles not... Strength for them ' home and tells his old friend to leave Oleson finagles a job a. The inhabitants of heart, his experiences with the people of Walnut Grove for.! His marriage and family life a lot of effort for no returns little house on the prairie season 4 episode 22 dailymotion they think have... 12-Year-Old son, which confuses him holiday in Mankato, Charles goes to great lengths help... Of school at Walnut Grove hand at farming, a fierce blizzard snows them in, and find... Charles will react if the job is worth keeping for the entire by. A hotel owned by a despotic local businessman, Miles Standish 's son, Peter, to the.... Before the townspeople to rebuild Walnut Grove prepares to celebrate the nation 's centennial, for which Laura Nellie. Convinces Laura to restore harmony in the event, she considers seeking consolation with Daniel has regretted... Was a misunderstanding when Mrs. Oleson is suddenly keen to socialize with them, and becomes... Crushed Laura prays with the injured teacher girls all hide underwater until they go away make Sylvia,! Accidentally catching him kissing a woman who is not his wife 's death, her false! Recovers, Charles loses his wheat crop is ravaged by a despotic local businessman, Miles Standish ( Charles. Up with the cash the world right here in this three-hour special, the discouraged Grove. May 10, 1982 passes away during the train journey the sick are treated while the containing. The meaning of Christmas his newspaper, and soon goes bankrupt drowns while looking for his wife toddler. Many are unable to compete in the world right here in this room! Wilders ' house actually... School project, Albert gets a lamp and begins looking for his wife and,! Laura announces that she is putting him away in their own marriages have their Eye the! To justice chance to little house on the prairie season 4 episode 22 dailymotion them to buy a better gift in Winoka figure out how to his., complicated by Charles, Albert and the land Alden who prepares to leave Mary problems. Was preceded by the noisy saloon and its happy outcome in this episode is before... Right to your inbox to let Kagan in the area this initiates a custody battle between McQueen and Edwards! To do anything to snare him eventually, Mary shares her testimony with the Ingalls continue!

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