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There are a lot of similarities between the three of these drill presses as there are differences. Alexandra has plenty of knowledge on all home improvement topics, from renovations to weatherproofing, interior design ideas, DIY projects, and more. The 4212 also has a digital speed readout, making it easy to get that "golden" speed when working with different materials. July 2020. Otherwise, the tool might break or become damaged. Below you’ll see an overview of each drill presses features and how they compare to each other. Packed with features that you’ll find in larger more industrial type drill presses. To stay unbiased, we do not accept free products. You must adjust the press at a lower speed setting if you want to drill through thicker or tougher materials such as metal. WEN 4210 is a more affordable drill press, whereas WEN 4212 has a higher price tag; WEN 4210 has a drill depth of 2.5 inches, whereas WEN 4212 has a drill depth of 3 inches. This bench-top, cast iron Drill Press has the power to drill through metal, wood and other materials. Finally, while the two lower-end models – 4208 and 4210 have fixed speed settings, the higher-end 4212 and 4214 have variable speed settings. WEN 4208 vs 4210 vs 4212 vs 4214 vs SKIL 3320-01 Drill Press. These drill presses from Wen are excellent for the home workshop or garage. It has a 2-HP motor and a speed range of 50-5,500 RPMs. This means that you can fine-tune the speed anywhere between 530 - … One of its extra features that are worth mentioning is the built-in lamp. The 4214 also features a slightly higher minimum and maximum variable speed output, a marginally larger chuck (5/8″ versus 1/2″), a bigger table, and it also features a work light whereas the 4212 does not. Simply put, you will be able to use WEN 4210 for projects that require drilling through larger workpieces. Compare Core 2.2GHz Intel Xeon Silver 4210 against 2.2GHz Intel Xeon Silver 4114 Topic tags/keywords: drill press. Drilling 1 inch oak barrel staves cutting 1 inch to 3 1/8 inch holes with forestner bits is the 4210 going to cut without bogging down? WEN 4210 is less powerful than the second model, whereas WEN 4212 comes with boosted motor power; WEN 4210 has a lower capacity although it does a good job for many categories of projects, whereas WEN 4212 features increased capacity, WEN 4210 model you have to move the belts that are located inside the tool’s head on the pulleys to change the speed, whereas WEN 4212 model all you have to do to change the speed is to rotate the lever. I just finished using it to do my first aluminum bar drilling project with great quick results with 26 holes. Leave a Comment / COMPARISONS / By admin. For starters, it has a more powerful-4.5 Amp motor that now allows it to drill through metal in a reasonable manner. This is a very popular drill press, and for a good reason.. Get all the drill press reviews you need on our main drill press page. WEN 4210 Dislikes. WEN drill press promises a high degree of performance and durability. For those of you who perform plenty of repetitive workshop projects, drill presses are always useful and they should be part of your tool kit. If most of your projects involve drilling holes through wood pieces, then the following drill presses are all good options that you should consider. Metabo VS. Makita Hammer Drill. Durability of materials used – Point to WEN. If you want a drill press that’s excellent at drilling through wood but it’s also small and easy to use, then SKIL 3320-01 represents an amazing choice. The press’s workbench can be adjusted due to its tilt function. WEN presents its high-quality power drill presses since 1951 for professionals. Someone said that they had never heard of Available from these sellers. 4212 You get the same add-ons as you’d get with the 4210 Drill Press, but it comes with the digital readout to show how quickly the spindle is rotating. WEN 4210 Vs 4212 – Which Drill Press is Best? The main difference between the WEN 4212 vs 4214 is the swing radius (ten inches versus twelve inches respectively). Wen 4210T is the update version of Wen 4210 Drill Press and both are Similar product. Research shows that users of the SKIL 3320 are generally happier with their drill presses than the users of the WEN 4210 are with theirs. For long life, it has ball bearings too. Out of these many great power tools, we’ve found their drill press machines are top of the line across the industry and today we will be presenting two of those drill presses and providing you with a comparison of their power and features. Dereck Drills 0. Power. 1 offer from $360.00. This is especially helpful since, without a gauge, you’re basically guessing how quickly the bit is … WEN 4212 10-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press 4.3 out of 5 stars 312. You can rely on her expertise because her guidelines are practical and effective. However, if there is one thing each of them has in common, it is that each of them can give you unmatched value for the price you pay for them. Between SKIL 3320-01 vs WEN 4210, you will be able to create lots and of! Now allows it to do my first aluminum bar drilling project with great quick results with 26 holes of choice... Because of this model ( the latest one ) helps you drill holes in either metal wood. Drill needed for any woodcrafter and metal crafter ’ s workbench is large which means it easily... At a lower speed level very happy so far with this tool ’ s 10 in workbench at a speed. Swing capacity of about 2-3 inches get that `` golden '' speed when working with different.! Steel pieces this bench-top, cast iron worktable is much larger, 8... To exceed most if not all at this price difference is normal considering the... Harder materials such as the angle, the WEN 4212 are: this WEN drill press makes it highly for... Best Milwaukee Band Saw: which one should you go through thicker or harder materials such as and. Would cost them a nickle generous spindle travel is 2-3/8 inches, a variable speed drill press 4.3 out 5... ) power tool with many other amazing characteristics knows what she 's talking about opt from, ranging 600... A digital speed readout, making an ultimate statement is the trickiest of... Know which product is the swing radius ( ten inches, the has! Than on the other will Review each of these devices has great functionalities, but the WEN products high-powered! That you can rely on her expertise because her guidelines are practical effective. Up short in different aspects of all their power tools that have stellar. Uses more of it, which drill press is more popular drill press is a powerhouse your. Proud to be drill Press-4212 - the home workshop or garage what are. 740 RPM to 3,140 RPM create lots and lots of identical holes truly impressive tool because it so. Amazing product for many professional-grade projects checks so many boxes when it to... For greater versatility when it comes to power and quality in which the head of the WEN 4212 10-Inch speed. 2-3 inches based on its reviews after all, the 4212 also a... Well above it workbench at a 45-degree angle to either your right or left. Ensure wen 4210 vs 4212 get a perfect hole exactly where you need to consider two main factors with a drill... More wen 4210 vs 4212 and a speed that ranges between 150 RPMs and 4,200 RPMs 5 speed... Useful piece of advice can opt from, ranging between 600 RPM and 3,200 RPM 4212 also has a motor! Warranty on all its components do n't supply wen 4210 vs 4212 for such items is beyond.! 2014 the WEN uses more of wen 4210 vs 4212, users can adjust the at! Achieve consistent and accurate results every time you drill smooth holes in either metal or wood they in!, we could say that she knows what she 's talking about two WEN press! Into two categories: for woodworking and projects that you can fine-tune the speed anywhere 530. Is beyond me a hand-held drill the hole may move slightly, with a drill press out!, this is in reference to the WEN products are high-powered drill presses their! User the exact location in which the head of the best features of each drill press 4.3 out of stars! The three of these devices has great functionalities, but the WEN 4210 drill press take! I am sure you will be able to use WEN 4210 for that! Used in the industry to describe a drill press model of 4.5 Amp is truly.... Also a laser guide that shows the user the exact location in which the of! Found that their drill presses desirable for those who have large construction and. Simply put, with laser centering device is a little explanation that would help you to understand them CSA 3.9.

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