Pampering for Health and Wellbeing

Care Home beauty treatments

Taking time to treat yourself

We all know that taking a little time to treat yourself, have your hair done, and perhaps a little foot massage, can make you feel refreshed and re-juevenated. The positive impact of these therapeutic treatments are even more amplified when working in the care sector. The benefits of a simple wash and set, new hairstyle, a manicure and pedicure, can greatly help the feeling of wellbeing in people who might otherwise feel vulnerable and not in control.

Taking care of ourselves has a huge psychological benefit, and can help people facing great difficulties to feel more comfortable and better interact with others.

Care Homes and Sheltered Housing: One of the key elements to Care Homes and Sheltered housing schemes is the community interaction of the residents. Carmina Hair and Beauty Care can come to your residence for individual or group/community treatments where a group of residents can come together to enjoy some pampering hair treatments. Feeling our best helps us in our interactions with others and increases the sense of wellbeing and confidence.

Hospices and Hospitals: People who are spending longer periods in hospital or staying in a hospice can often feel like they are loosing control of their lives. Taking time out to be pampered and receive some hair treatment can boost our sense of self worth and help greatly to face the world and visiting relatives. Whatever our heart condition we all benefit from investing a little in ourselves from time to time.

The Housebound: Being restricted to your home can be a lonely experience. A visit from Carmina Hair and Beauty Care is much more than just receiving a hair treatment, it is: a boost to self esteem; a new connection with the world; a caring and considerate visit; an investment in yourself; a feeling of wellbeing.



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